The APNN-Toolbox is an attempt to create an open toolset around a common exchange interface, so-called Abstract Petri Net Notation (APNN). The toolbox has a clear focus on analysis methods which consider the complete state space and where the common state space explosion problem is accomplished by Kronecker representations.
The toolbox provides a graphical user interface (APNNed) to specify Petri nets and to control subsequent analysis.
Other modeling formalisms and tools are connected to the APNN-Toolbox, this is the case for PEP, GreatSPN and a tool for the process chain formalism employed in the modeling of logistic networks in the colloborative research centre 559 at Dortmund university.
Functional analysis includes tools for checking classical Petri net liveness but also model cheking for computational tree logic (CTL) and linear temporal logic (LTL) to consider more general properties. All these methods are implemented in a way that profits from a given Kronecker representation.
Quantitative analysis focuses on continuous time Markov chains (CTMCs) and their transient or steady state behavior. A rich variety of numerical techniques has been implemented for modular and hierarchical Kronecker representations. These techniques yield transient or steady state distributions, which are either aggregated to typical performance measures like distributions of token populations and mean throughput of transitions.


  • Kronecker representations to accomplish the state space explosion problem
  • Parallel calculation of steady state distribution
  • Application areas

  • computer networks
  • communication networks
  • logistic systems

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