TEM - a TLA+ Mode for EMACS

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Group (RvS)
University of Dortmund, CS Dept.

A new alpha release (0.4) of TLA+ Mode has been released. This is a major mode for GNU Emacs 19 for supporting the specification process of TLA-based specification languages.



Please use the bug reporter to send comments and bugs to


This is the complete release: tla-mode-0.4.tar.gz. If you don't want to bother about generating the documentation, consider taking the complete documentation in DVI, Info, PostScript and HTML, which may also be read online ( html, Postscript, Reference Card in Postscript) .

This is definitely the last alpha release. See the file NEWS in the distribution for a list of user-visible changes. See the file TODO for a list of current bugs.


Frank Wegmann wrote software, documentation and Web-pages as part of his diploma thesis (completed Oct 94) in the Tools for TLA-based specifications project.
As maintainer he also keeps his software available on his own FTP archive.

Arnulf Mester, 18 Nov 1994
Informatik IV, Uni Dortmund