Security-Oriented Refinement of Business Processes

Peter Herrmann

Universität Dortmund, FB Informatik, LS IV, D-44221 Dortmund

Gaby Herrmann

Universität Essen, FB 5, Information Systems, D-45141 Essen


Economic globalization leads to complex decentralized company structures calling for the extensive use of distributed IT-systems. The business processes of a company have to reflect these changes of infrastructure. In particular, due to new electronic applications and the inclusion of a higher number of - potentially unknown - persons, the business processes are more vulnerable against malicious attacks than traditional processes. Thus, a business should undergo a security analysis. Here, the vulnerabilities of the business process are recognized, the risks resulting from the vulnerabilities are calculated, and suitable safeguards reducing the vulnerabilities are selected. Unfortunately, a security analysis tends to be complex and affords expensive security expert support. In order to reduce the expense and to enable domain experts with in-depth insight in business processes but with limited knowledge about security to develop secure business processes, we developed the framework MoSS_BP facilitating the handling of business process security requirements from their specification to their realization. In particular, MoSS_BP provides graphical concepts to specify security requirements, repositories of various mechanisms enforcing the security requirements, and a collection of reference models and case studies enabling the modification of the business processes. In this paper, the MoSS_BP framework is presented. Additionally, we introduce a tool supporting the MoSS_BP-related security analysis of business processes and the incorporation of safeguards. This tool is based on object-oriented process models and acts with graph rewrite systems.

Key Words

E-Commerce, Business Process, MoSS_BP, Object-Oriented Security Analysis, Graph Rewriting

Published in

To appear in Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Electronic Commerce Research (ICECR-5), ATSMA, IFIP, Montreal, October 2002.

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