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Efficient Validation of Process-based Simulation Models

Falko Bause, Jan Kriege, Sebastian Vastag

Simulation News Europe Special Issue on Quality Aspects in Modeling and Simulation, Vol. 19, No. 2, 2009.



Validation is often time-consuming for simulation models of complex systems especially if failures indicating discrepancies between the system and the corresponding model occur rarely. Some failure types can be detected on the basis of the model's structure employing corresponding efficient techniques. In this paper we present some techniques used in the Collaborative Research Center 559 ("Modeling of Large Logistics Networks") for the validation of process-based simulation models. These techniques are based on efficient algorithms from the Petri net area, but details are completely hidden from the end user by means of a corresponding toolset. Here we present some internals showing how specific aspects of simulation models can be validated efficiently.


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