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Computer Science IV

Quantitative Techniques in Computer Science

(Lehrstuhl für praktische Informatik)



Prof. Dr. P. Buchholz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Beilner, Prof. Dr. H. Krumm
Technische Universität Dortmund
44221 Dortmund



Computer Science IV is one of the sections of the Computer Science Department of the University of Dortmund. The section head is Prof. Dr. P. Buchholz. The main areas of interests of Computer Science IV include quantitative methods of practical Computer Science and related topics; in particular, the performance evaluation of computing and communication systems. Furthermore distributed systems and communication protocols are amongst the main research topics.

Our computing equipment evolved rapidly over the recent years. Presently our standard equipment includes workstations from SUN. Additionally Apple Macintosh Workstations and PCs are used.



Modeling and Simulation (MuS) (in German)

Prof. Dr. P. Buchholz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Beilner

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (RvS)

Prof. Dr. H. Krumm


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