Analysis of a Combined Queueing-Petri-Network World

Title:    Analysis of a Combined Queueing-Petri-Network World


Authors:  Falko Bause, Heinz Beilner



System analysis is often needed with respect to both qualitative and quantitative aspects. In the last two decades, several model worlds have been developed that attempt to combine qualitative and quantitative aspects.  Present emphasis is on Timed and Stochastic Petri Net models.  One of the disadvantages of these model worlds lies with the difficulties when describing scheduling strategies with Petri Net elements.

This paper describes the QPN world, which combines Queueing Networks and Petri Nets, aiming at eliminating these disadvantages.  The QPN world is a superset of Queueing Networks, Petri Nets and Timed and

Stochastic Petri Nets.  We also discuss the analysis of time-augmented Petri Nets in general.  It is shown that several important qualitative features need not carry over to a Timed Petri Net, although they hold  for the underlying "untimed" net.  A solution to this problem is provided by showing that important qualitative features remain invariant, if the form of time integration is restricted by particular, easily testable conditions.


Published in:

        Forschungsbericht Nr. 383 des Fachbereichs Informatik der Universität Dortmund (Germany), 1991.