Title:    "QN + PN = QPN" - Combining Queueing Networks and Petri Nets

Author:   Falko Bause


System analysis is often done due to qualitative and quantitative  aspects. Queueing networks and Petri nets are suitable and wide spread  model worlds for such a form of analysis, because for both a well  founded theory exists. The problem is that Petri nets and queueing  networks are only suitable for qualitative analysis resp. quantitative analysis. So the analyst has to create two models of the same system.  In recent years several model worlds have been developed, combining qualitative and quantitative aspects thus reducing the modelling effort. The stress nowadays is on timed and stochastic Petri net models.  The main disadvantage of these model worlds lies in the difficulties of describing scheduling strategies with Petri net elements.

This paper describes a new model world, the QPN world, combining queueing networks and Petri nets for qualitative and quantitative analysis eliminating this disadvantage.  It is shown that queueing networks, Petri nets and timed and stochastic Petri nets are special  cases of the QPN world.

Published in:

        Forschungsbericht Nr. 461 des Fachbereichs Informatik

        der Universität Dortmund (Germany), 1993.