The ProC/B-approach: From Informal Descriptions to Formal Models

Title:  The ProC/B-approach:  From Informal Descriptions to Formal Models


Author: Falko Bause, Peter Buchholz, Carsten Tepper




This paper presents the ProC/B-approach which aims at reducing the gap between informal process chain descriptions and formal models, thus benefiting from corresponding analysis techniques. ProC/B offers the possibility to specify process chains sufficiently formalised, such that techniques for performance evaluation (e.g. simulation) and functional techniques can be applied automatically. Process chain descriptions are common in logistics networks, where simulation is often used for analysis. Corresponding simulation models are often (unintentionally) incorrect and detection of this problem during simulative analyses is normally difficult. In the ProC/B-approach we aim (amongst other things) at applying efficient functional techniques to detect such problematic simulation models. In this paper we consider two types of erroneous simulation models, those which might deadlock and those which are non-ergodic.


published in:

  Proc. of ISoLA - 1st International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Method, 30th October - 2st November 2004, Paphos, Cyprus.