Queueing Petri Nets (QPNs)


System analysis is often needed with respect to both qualitative and quantitative aspects. In the last decades, several formalisms have been developed that attempt to combine these aspects in one description. Present emphasis is on Stochastic Petri Nets. Amongst others, one disadvantage of these formalisms lies with the difficulties when describing scheduling strategies with Petri Net elements.

Queueing Petri Nets (QPNs), which combines Queueing Networks and Petri Nets, aims at eliminating these disadvantages. QPNs are a superset of Coloured GSPNs also integrating queues into places.

The complexity of a quantitative analysis is significantly reduced if the QPN has a hierarchical structure, which recently led to an extension of the model formalism towards Hierarchically Combined Queueing Petri Nets (HQPNs).

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