Approaches to the Formal Verification of Hybrid Systems

Stefan Kowalewski

Address: Robert Bosch GmbH, FV/SLD, Postfach 90 01 69, D-60441 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Peter Herrmann

Address: Universität Dortmund, FB Informatik, LS IV, D-44221 Dortmund, Germany

Sebastian Engell

Address: Universität Dortmund, FB Chemietechnik, LS AST, D-44221 Dortmund, Germany

Ralf Huuck

Address: Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, Institut für Informatik und Praktische Mathematik, Preußerstraße 1-9, D-24105 Kiel, Germany

Heiko Krumm

Address: see Peter Herrmann

Yassine Lakhnech

Address: Laboratoire VERIMAG, Centre Equation, 2 av. de Vignate, F-38160 Gières, France

Ben Lokoschus

Address: see Ralf Huuck

Heinz Treseler

see Sebastian Engell


This paper presents two different approaches to the problem of formally verifying the correctness of control systems which consist of a logic controller and a continuous plant and, thus, constitute a hybrid system. One approach aims at algorithmic verification and combines Condition/Event Systems with Timed Automata. The first framework is used to model the controller and the plant in a block-diagram representation, which is then translated into the latter model for analysis by available tools. A second approach is presented which is based on deductive verification. It allows for a structured analysis of compositional specifications formulated in a temporal logic called cTLA. This logic is a compositional style of the Temporal Logic of Actions established in Computer Science by Lamport. Both approaches are introduced using a common example and the results of their application are discussed. As an outlook, a possible strategy for integrating algorithmic and deductive verification of hybrid systems is sketched at the end of the paper.

Published in

at - Automatisierungstechnik, Special Issue Hybrid Systems II: Analysis, Modeling, and Verification, 49(2001)2, 66-74, Oldenbourg Verlag.

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