Derivation of Backup Service Management Applications from Service and System Models

Ingo Lück, Marcus Schönbach, Arnulf Mester

Dr. Materna GmbH, Voßkuhle 37, D-44141 Dortmund, Germany
E-Mail: {Marcus.Schoenbach | Ingo.Lueck | Arnulf.Mester}

Heiko Krumm

Universität Dortmund, FB Informatik, LS IV, D-44221 Dortmund, Germany


The backup of large data sets is preferably performed automatically outside of regular working hours. In highly structured computer networks, however, faults and exceptions may relatively frequently occur resulting in unsuccessful subprocesses. Therefore automated fault and configuration management is of interest. We report on a corresponding management System. Besides of monitoring and information provision it performs automated fault analysis and recovery functions under extension of the service management approach to the function-oriented management of information processing services. Moreover, it is model-based. An interactively constructed object-oriented model specifies management objectives and represents dependencies between the backup service provided and the services used. Moreover, the model is input to the derivation of the management application code. Thus, the combination of service management and modeling supports the productive development of automated management applications. The system is implemented on the basis of the Java Dynamic Management Kit and performs the management of a commercial network backup system in a heterogeneous environment.


Model-based management, lT-service management, derivation of management systems, model-based development of management systems

Published in

R. Stadler, B. Stiller (Eds.), Active Technologies for Network and Service Management, Proceedings of the Tenth IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations & Management (DSOM'99), pages 243-255, Zürich, October 1999, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1700, Springer-Verlag.

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